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    New White Paper Available: The Five Point Plan to Fix Your Records Management Strategy

    Aug 22, 2016

    Recently, we interviewed over 350 records, archive and information management professionals—across lines of business, IT and compliance organizations—on how they are modernizing their companies’ archiving practices. We asked them what worked when creating a unified records strategy, and what impediments were holding them back from fully executing on their strategy. 

    In this white paper, we summarized the most common challenges we heard and our recommendations on how to overcome them to records from a single point of access.

    Download the white paper to get peer advice on how to:

    • Centrally manage records regardless of source or storage system.
    • Use tiered storage to match retention and access with different technologies.
    • Implement a single system for digital and physical records.
    • Define and capture metadata from the point of creation.
    • Use content analytics to extract actionable insights from your records.
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